Our Space & Accessibility

To help you plan your visit to SACE, here is some information about our space and services.

Getting Here

  • Transit: SACE is located on Bus Route 129. The closest bus stops are 5508 (Westbound) and 5136 (Southbound), both a block away. To plan your route, click here
  • Parking: limited parking in the front lot with 2 stalls reserved for those with accessibility needs, and more on the street
  • DATS: drops off and picks up from the front door
  • Ramp to building front door
  • The outside doors are automatic, however the SACE office doors are push-only.
  • Someone is at reception at all times to assist with this if needed
  • There is an elevator to the second floor, and hallways and doors can accommodate mobility devices
  • Fully accessible single-stall washroom, in addition to gendered stalled washrooms
  • All mobility devices can be accommodated at SACE
  • We have a number of staff who are able to provide counselling in languages other than English, including French, Hindi, Spanish, and Arabic (some dialects). For any languages not spoken by our counsellors we will do our best to arrange for an interpreter to attend the sessions.
  • Signage in the building does not include braille
  • The SACE website is screen reader compatible
  • Education sessions can be customized to meet the needs of speakers of English as a Second Language, and people with developmental disabilities. See Public Education - For Adults.

We do our best to maintain a scent-free space at SACE, however some of the products used in the building may cause aggravation for those with sensitivities.

If you are concerned about fluorescent lighting, please call our main office line before coming in to SACE. We are happy to accommodate lighting needs.