Chicks with Cheques and 100 Men YEG

Friday, September 15, 2017

We are endlessly impressed by the fundraising initiatives of our community. This past year, SACE participated in a fundraising competition hosted by Chicks with Cheques and 100 Men YEG. We were humbled and overjoyed to be selected as that quarter's winner, and at the generous contributions of the members of these groups. The generosity of this fundraising initiative is all the more impactful for the time that was spent by these numerous community members in allowing us to share information about our services and provide a better understanding of how the issue of sexual violence impacts our community.

The donation SACE received has gone towards improving our Play, Art, and Movement Therapy program offerings, which support people of all ages who access our Child and Youth as well as Adult Counselling services. Giving clients a space where they can reclaim their creativity and ability to play can be incredibly therapeutic, and can even help those that are “stuck” in their therapy to move forward.

At SACE we know that people can and do heal. The first step is to listen, to believe, and to support. By extending the support SACE is able to provide with enhanced creative approaches, people who have experienced sexual violence have one more avenue to be able to process what they have experienced. The change we see in the individuals who have received support is something that extends much further than those individuals, to their families, loved ones, and communities: it benefits everyone.